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One of my hobbies is collecting pottery.

I'm the type who buys and uses pottery rather than decorating it.

The reason for the pottery collection was a very simple story.

It is sake given as a souvenir by a friend.

I remember that it was Yamagata's famous sake "first grandson", but it was a word from a friend that "it is delicious to warm and drink (ATSUKAN)".

I went looking for a tool to warm the sake.

At that time, I had no knowledge of Guinomi, so I headed to the tableware section of a nearby home improvement store.

Still, I liked this size and color, so it was fun to choose pottery.

I used it right after I got home, but unlike pouring it directly from a regular bottle into a cup, I enjoyed the act of transferring sake from a bottle to a sake bottle and then taking a sip of Guinomi.

After that, I was somehow interested in this little pottery and checked when I saw the tableware corner of the tableware shops and department stores in the city.


However, I didn't enjoy it outside the house as "My Guinomi" at this time, I just enjoyed it at home.



At one point, an exhibition was held at a Bizen ware specialty store in Ginza. Bizen ware artist Makoto Nakamura, Kazuki, parent and child exhibition.

I consulted with Makoto at the venue.


"I can drink with my favorite pottery at home, but I'm having trouble while on a business trip. Izakaya has a large selection of sake, but I'm dissatisfied with Guinomi, what should I do?"


Then he replied:

"Why don't you carry Guinomi with you? I always carry it with me. Until I came here, I drank beer on the Shinkansen in this cup."


He took out a mysterious cup. And continue like this.

"I drink both beer and Sake, so this is just right. If you're a salaryman, I think" Flat Guinomi "is okay. You see, it fits in my jacket pocket like this. "


He said that and posed with a smile in and out of the jacket's inner pocket.


It was shocking to me.


"Yes! I should have brought it, but ... sad if it broke!"


He said immediately.

"If you use something expensive at home, I can make it cheaply."

He is good at business.

After that, I really asked him to choose "Guinomi" and decided to drink it on a business trip.


It was an opportunity to start "My Gui Drink".


I started "My Gui Drink" to enjoy the bliss of drinking alcohol anytime, anywhere with my favorite "Gui Drink", but there are actually many unexpected by-products.


The other day, I went to the sushi restaurant "Kita no Hana" in Chitose, Hokkaido.

As usual, when I was drinking Sake at "My Guinomi", the man sitting next to me at the counter asked me "Did you bring Guinomi ?!".


He is a stranger to me.


"Yes, that's right. I brought Guinomi."

I answered.


"Hey! Wow! I've been drinking Sake in many places, but I've never seen someone like you. I've never seen anyone who brought Guinomi!"


Then the owner of this restaurant joined the story and

"Can you show me a little?"


Another person calls out.

"I also stick to Sake, but I don't carry Guinomi with me. Next time I'll try My Guinomi."


I said:

"Please imitate everyone. If you stick to Sake, why not stick to Guinomi? You will have more fun drinking."



"Let's try next time"

"It's a good hobby."

In this way, the circle of conversation expands steadily.


"Then, thank you for showing me something good today. See you again."

I shook hands with them and vowed to meet again.


For some reason, the shopkeeper looked at me and treated me like a regular customer for a long time. I am very happy.


Before I knew it, it became a habit to have a drink at an izakaya, and it came to be called "My Guinomi" after "My chopsticks" which was popular from the viewpoint of ecology at that time.

I am now indispensable when I go out, such as on a business trip.


It is the beginning of a fun "My Guinomi life".


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