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What will be served after this is a "bowl".

Since it is a so-called "suimono", you may feel uncomfortable drinking soup while drinking alcohol.

However, this is an important dish for the cook to tell the customer the core part of the soup stock and seasoning of the restaurant.

It has the role of raising expectations and preparation for future dishes.

"Bowl" is what you want to taste by making full use of the five senses such as "arrangement and color", "tone", "fragrance", "taste", and "temperature and texture".

"Bowls" are made up of seasonal ingredients, and four elements are the norm.

The protagonist, "Wandane," the soup stock is lightly seasoned, "Suiji," and the one that accompanies the bowl is called "Wanduma," which is called "Wandama." There are "blue" and "sashimi", and each is a distinction between green vegetables and other vegetables. Finally, the "fragrance" on the top of the serving is called the "suiguchi", and it changes variously according to the season, such as yuzu, tree buds, and trefoil. "Bowls" are for enjoying the scent of the season.
This dish has the same meaning as the first soup in Western cuisine, and is said to stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice and at the same time reduce the irritation of alcohol on the stomach wall on an empty stomach.

It is usually warm and is carried in lacquer ware with a lid.
As you may have experienced, it may be difficult to remove the lid from a bowl with a lid like this.

At this time, if you press the edge of the bowl back and forth with your left hand, the lid will float, so lift this with your right hand. Then, in order to drop the water droplets on the back of the lid into the bowl, wait for the water droplets to fall while standing the lid in the bowl, and then place the lid on the right back for a beautiful action.

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