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The clerk is not a servant

I often get seated, sit wide open, throw cigarettes, take off my jacket, and arrogantly say, "Hey, take a drink."

Maybe he's a customer, so he thinks he's great, or maybe he's a person who has a position like a company executive among his friends, but this is totally unsightly.

Don't be stubborn, you might think that it's sake, so relax and swallow it, but it's not at home.

Izakaya is also a place for adults to interact. The customer is not only you, but lacks consideration and imagination for the people around you. I don't think it's an adult manner.
The atmosphere of the store gets worse just by having one customer with such an arrogant attitude.

I would like to thank the owner, as well as the chef and Nakai, for their gratitude and respect. Only when this can be done can a good relationship between the customer and the store be built. This is the first step in a drink that is truly appreciated and respected.

Also, be careful to have a loud conversation. It's good to have fun chatting with your friends, but don't overdo it.

Even if you don't speak so loudly, the other person can hear you. Occasionally, there are men and women who are excited by vulgar dirty talk with a voice that echoes throughout the store, but this is the worst. It may be fun for them, but I would like them to consider the inconveniences around them.

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