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What are the conditions for a "Good Guinomi"?

I would like to think about what a "good Guinomi" is.

To put it simply, it is good to have a vessel that feels dignity while holding down the highlights of the "guinomi" in the previous section, but it is a little difficult, so I will talk about it practically.

For example, I will explain the points while following the procedure for actually selecting "Guinomi".



First of all, I would like to think about how to choose the shape of the appearance and the overall form.

Well, what kind of shape is good? You may be asked which color you should choose, but I think this is a personal "favorite problem" such as "like" or "dislike".


First of all, I think it's okay to have them choose according to their taste.


I'm not saying it irresponsibly, but it's the most correct answer as a result of having fun with the "guidance" that you like. I want you to enjoy it with your free sensibility.

If you find something you like, you can actually hold it in your hand and see how it feels. Be sure to do this before you buy.

Also, instead of just touching it, lift the sip with two fingers, your thumb and forefinger, and point your mouth at yourself, just like when you actually drink alcohol. Gently arrive at the "hill" from the "waist" of the "guinomi" with the middle finger. The ring finger holds the "guidance" from below.
At this time, if you feel the fear of slipping your hands, feel something strange, get caught in your fingers or feel pain, you will feel pain and stress even if you drink alcohol. It will end up, so it's better to stop.

Then it is better to have a low center of gravity and feel some weight.

This has a good sense of stability when the center of gravity is low, so it is good that you do not have to worry about rolling even if you handle it roughly. Also, by feeling a certain amount of weight, you will be able to hold and hold it firmly, so it will be much less likely to drop.

The one that firmly holds down this point is really comfortable to use when actually used, and it becomes a very excellent companion. It's hard to judge this just by looking at it.



What I would like to pay attention to here is consideration for the pottery shop.

That is, the pottery shop deals with "Be careful of cracks".
And some of the items on display are very expensive. Before holding it in your hand, you definitely want a word like "Are you sure you want to touch it?" I want to be careful not to lift it silently.
Then, some people slap the vessel with their fingers and bring their ears closer to each other, and listen to the sound with their faces, but if you buy a new unused item, it doesn't make much sense, so I stopped it. The impression is better.

After clearing this, look into the prospects.
At this time, it is better to feel the depth and depth beyond what you feel when viewed from the outside. You can feel the universe that spreads with sake. In addition, "Guinomi", which contains plenty of sake, is a great thing for sake lovers.

Next, turn over the "Guinomi" and look at the "ko-dai" at the bottom.
A good "hill" should be sharp without hesitation, with a sense of speed, and with a bold and sharp sharpness. You can feel the feelings of the potters for "Guinomi".
After checking the hill, don't put it on a flat surface such as a table and don't forget to check if it is stable. I want to keep in mind that basically you can't return a product even if you get home and say, "Oh? There's no sense of stability."

And finally, check the whole form again. Do you feel dignity and wabi-sabi?

If you don't want to make a mistake, I'd like to actually add sake and take a sip here to confirm the "mouth making", but since there is no such thing as being allowed before purchasing, experience in practice from here It will be a match with the value.

This is not "a picture is worth a thousand words", but "a picture is worth a thousand words".

If you try to summarize the "good Gunomi", is it such a place?
I like the shape, and it feels a little heavy, but it fits tightly in my hand, and the prospects are wide and deep. The structure of the hill feels momentum and sharpness, and there is a sense of stability when placed. And the fit to the lips of the mouth is natural, and you can feel the wabi-sabi that exudes from the whole. There is such a place.

I would like you to meet a "good Guinomi" that suits you.


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