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Cooking for drinking

There is a dish that was born in the Edo period as a dish for sake.

"Kaiseki cuisine"

The dishes are delivered one by one in order. Drinking sake with it as a side dish.

When you first get to your seat, you may be served a small bowl of food with chopsticks. This is said to be "first-come-first-served", and it may be easier to understand if you say "starting out" in the Kanto region and "through" in the Kanto region.

Even in the case of izakaya, "advance" is usually given when the ordered sake is delivered. Originally, it is not a single item, but basically three types of seasonal sea mountain rivers are available.
This "advance" is an important scene where the cook and the customer first come into contact with each other. So to speak, I want to taste it firmly without thinking that it is the first step to start a serious game, "in time for cooking".

There is no loss in the "advanced" delicious restaurant that can only be said.

When eating, be careful not to pull or shift the bowl. Be sure to pick up the tableware and eat it, and try to put it back in its original position quietly. This is true for all subsequent meals, but it is a precaution to avoid damaging the table, table, counter, etc. at the bottom of the bowl.

Now, the beginning of the liquor table.

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