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Recommended shops

Buy your first "My Gui Drink" here!
I would like to introduce the best shops based on experience such as handling artists, quality, knowledge, eyes. Please use it as a reference for purchasing.

Shibuya Kuroda Toen

It is a shop of Mr. Kusaomi Kuroda, a major figure in the modern ceramic art world.

He is also a meritorious person who made an effort to make potters all over the country make "guidance".
It is no exaggeration to say that the best potters in Japan and the highest quality "guidance" gather here.

Ginza Kuroda Toen

It is said that Ryoji, the father of Kusaomi Kuroda, a major figure in the modern ceramic art world, started a pottery shop to handle the works of Rosanjin Kitaoji. It is a store that can be said to be the father of the modern ceramic art world. It is the only one that also appraises Rosanjin Kitaoji, and is the highest rank along with Shibuya.

Bizen-yaki Mugen-an

The main store is a pottery shop located in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture, and is also a pottery shop that handles a large number of Bizen ware artists.
In particular, the Ginza store is the place where you can see the most Bizen ware and Bizen ware artists in Tokyo. It's also an important store that inspired me to start "My Gui Drink".

Kawaguchi Togakuen

A wholesale and retail store specializing in Bizen ware, focusing on online shopping.

We handle a large number of high-quality items centered on Living National Treasure, Okayama Prefecture Intangible Cultural Properties, and famous and popular writers.

The blog that is updated frequently is also attractive


Gallery Lab

Show a novel development with a unique sense.

There is a tendency for relatively original and strong works to be gathered.


We handle a wide range of various types of ceramics from all over the country.

It is also interesting to handle metalwork and glass items.

I'm glad that I handle a lot of young talented people from around 10,000 yen with a drink.
Especially recommended for beginners.

Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery

Born in the United States, he is a leading researcher in Japanese pottery research, and is also a member of my favorite Facebook group. Robert Yellin's gallery.
The famous book "Psalm of Pottery-Gui-Don and Tokkuri" is also my bible.

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