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Learn how to pour and receive sake

I usually do it casually, but I want to learn how to pour sake and how to receive sake, which is the basic method of drinking alcohol.

"How to pour sake"
It is basic to pour quietly from a calm state, even when you are alone or when you have a partner.

There is a word "rat tail, cauda equina, rat tail" in the way of pouring sake. At the beginning of pouring, it is thin like the tail of a mouse, gradually thick like the tail of a horse, and then again. It is thinned like the tail of a mouse and stopped.

This way you can pour sake beautifully without fail. It depends on the size of the bowl, but it is not beautiful to pour it to the full, and you may spill it when you swallow it, so please refrain from pouring it. The 8th minute for Inoguchi and the 6th to 7th minutes for Gui-drink are just right. The way to hold a sake bottle is beautiful if a man has only his right hand and a woman has his left hand gently attached to the sake bottle.

"How to receive sake"
There are two ways to hold a gui-drink, such as "Kuge style" and "Samurai style".

In the Kuge style, the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of the right hand are aligned and attached to the opposite side of the drink, with the thumb supporting the edge of the drink, with the index finger and middle finger of the left hand sandwiching the hill.

In the samurai style, hold the swallow with your thumb and index finger, and pinch the hill with your ring finger and middle finger. This way of drinking is suitable for men, and the swallow is stable and swallows in a good posture.

What are the conditions for a "good drink"? In the section of, as I mentioned a little about how to hold it, the expression is slightly different, but in my case, it seems that I have it almost in the samurai style.

The exchange of sake is called kenshu. It is polite to pour the dedication from the lower to the upper.

On the contrary, the flow is the act of borrowing the sake cup used by the superior and drinking sake with the same cup, which is a respect for the other party. (It is an act.) It is good to hold a "sake cup" in your right hand, lightly attach your left hand, and receive a drink with both hands regardless of gender.

Also, be careful not to get a drink on the other party's table. If you have a "washing", you should wash the bowl here before returning the cup, but there are not many shops that prepare "washing", so thank you and bring it back with both hands. good.

It would be perfect if you could turn the table of the vessel toward the opponent when returning it.
The word "drinking" in "exchange drinking" means not only to draw water with a cassotte, but also to take in people's feelings. We want to respect each other and enjoy each other's sake, not just to avoid drinking.

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