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Don't drink alcohol

I would like to think of this as the core word of "Sakedo" that I advocate.

"Sake should be drunk and not drunk."

As you know, sake is said to be the "chief of a hundred medicines". He says that drinking alcohol for good health is rather good if the amount is moderate.
It was a model of the novel "The Emperor's Cook" and was depicted in "Taste" written by Mr. Tokuzo Akiyama, a Miyanaka cook who served Emperor Taisho and Emperor Showa. It is said that he did not receive it.

However, in fact, it seems that the doctor in charge said, "I want your Majesty to drink alcohol for your health," and it is said that your Majesty himself was practicing drinking. Drinking so much is good for your health.

In addition to this kind of health aspect, drinking can lubricate human relationships, build new relationships, and unexpectedly obtain new information.

This is the so-called "sake place story".

There are also stories that people can only talk to at a drinking place. In particular, drinking with superiors and people from different industries is often a learning experience. There is no doubt that this is really fun and will enrich your life. It is exactly "drinking sake".

Why is it "don't drink" when it's such a wonderful "liquor"?

When you grow up and start drinking alcohol, you probably have some experience, such as having swallowed without knowing your limits and making a mistake.

When I drink alcohol, I feel awkward and do things that cause trouble to others, or I just say something extra.

When I get sick the next day, I feel guilty and embarrassed. In some cases, liquor calls for liquor, and people are swallowed by liquor. I want to be careful about this.
However, even the day after such a thing happens, it is sake that he swallows "only one cup today". It is "don't drink".

Isn't this the character "Yotarou" in rakugo anymore?

There are people who often say "don't drink" or "don't drink", but I feel that "don't drink" depicts the feelings of drinking.

Because I know the good points of very wonderful sake, I know the scary points of sake, but it is sake that I drink, and the conflict of drinking can be seen there and I feel very dear. I think it's a really human-like and good word.

Instead of "you should drink alcohol and not be drunk", you should "drink alcohol and not drink alcohol".

While muttering, "Drink, don't drink," it's like having fun drinking alcohol today.

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