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It is a rule of thumb to pay for your own sake

It is also said that "Sake is cut and swallowed."


In order to enjoy drinking alcohol without worrying about anyone, you should cut your money.
You may feel like you've got a treat or a treat. However, do you really drink "fun sake" because you only get so-called "behavioral sake"?

Isn't there a strange reluctance in it? Also, in some cases, for business entertainment, you may have ordered expensive sake that you wouldn't normally drink because it wasn't your own money. This makes humans humble. Lowly liquor is by no means good liquor.

It depends on the relationship with the person who drinks alcohol, but I want to pay for my own sake as much as possible, and I want to drink alcohol with the intention of paying.

We are not a kid. It's like drinking clean sake.

When you don't have money, you can enjoy it without money, and you may discover an unexpectedly cheap and delicious restaurant.

There may be mistakes and mistakes, but it is impressive because you cut your money.

It's even better if you think this is an interesting adventure. Of course, this is the same as finding a delicious restaurant, and I am very impressed because I cut my money.

You can also drink fun sake that fits your height.

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