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A Guinomi suitable for "My Guinomi"

Then, I would like to think about what kind of "Guinomi" is suitable for carrying around as "My Guinomi".

First of all, I want to choose the one that is as strong as possible.

If possible, the pottery should be "baked un glaze" such as Bizen ware. Ordinary pottery is made from clay, and the roughness of the soil creates small gaps. Speaking of familiar things, it is just like a sponge. It sucks water and leaks out. To prevent this, glaze is applied, fired, and coated with a glassy material. It is unglazed at about 900 degrees, glazed and baked at about 1100 degrees.

However, in "baked un glaze", the clay is slowly drained without glaze, and the clay is baked as if it were tightened. Baking at a maximum of 1300 degrees or more, which is about 200 degrees higher than ordinary pottery, creates a container that does not leak liquid. At this time, the ash and soot from firewood etc. cover the work and melt again, making it look like glaze. This is called natural glaze, but it has a greater element of showing changes in the scenery than the effect of preventing water leakage like ordinary pottery. Since it is baked, it has high strength.

Since it is baked, it has high strength.

pottery for baked un glaze, there are "Tokoname ware", "Iga ware", "Shigaraki ware" and "Tamba ware" in addition to "Bizen ware"

In particular, Iga ware glazes are fragile, so be careful. The representative of fragile pottery is "Raku ware", but "Iga ware" and "Hagi ware" do not seem to be suitable for carrying around, so it is safe to avoid them. Especially for beginners, we recommend Bizen, which is so strong that it won't break even if thrown.

Next, I would like to consider a suitable shape. This depends on the shape and size of the bag you carry, but experience shows that a slightly compact one or one with no height is preferable. Also, it is good to choose something that is a little thicker because you can rest assured.
Rather than putting it in a purse and carrying it by itself, it is safer to put it in another bag. A leather bag is even better.


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