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Cooking is a big thing to eat, and drinking without eating is an outside road

Often, there are drinkers who boast that they don't eat when they drink and don't disturb the "snacks", but this is not very good.

Drinking on an empty stomach causes a surge in blood alcohol levels and increases the risk of acute alcohol intoxication. In addition, there is a time lag between the increase in blood alcohol concentration and the symptom of "spins", and although it depends on the constitution, the symptom of "spins" usually does not appear until 30 minutes to 1 hour has passed after drinking alcohol. When you notice it, you may suddenly become "drunk".

I don't recommend this dangerous way of drinking because it's not smart and it's not good for your health.

There is a meal suitable for the sake table at the sake table, so I would like to eat a lot. When it comes to the "snacks" of sake, people tend to associate it with simple snacks, but when drinking sake, there are dishes for drinking sake. This is called "kaiseki cuisine".

Japanese cuisine includes "Honzen-ryori," which grew along with the samurai tradition during the Muromachi period, "Fukusa-ryori," which is an abbreviation of this, and "Kaiseki-ryori," which evolved from the tea baths of the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

However, these are all made as side dishes of rice, not liquor dishes. On the other hand, "kaiseki cuisine" is a dish that was born in the Edo period as a dish for sake. The dishes are delivered one by one in order. Drinking sake with it as a side dish.

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