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"Simmered food" and "pottery"

It's about time for "simmered food" to appear.

"Simmered food" is also called "burning". In the case of a container with a lid, there is no problem if you open the lid in the same way as "suimono". And I want to see the scenery inside the vessel.

For burning, relatively light materials are usually selected from marine products, mountain land, and livestock products, and there are an odd number of three, five, and seven. I want to enjoy the harmony with the vessel such as its color. "Simmered food" is a combination of strong and light flavors, so you can enjoy it with sake alternately.

煮物 焚き合わせ

Next is "pottery" grilled fish.

If it is about 20 cm, it will remain as one fish, and if it is a large fish such as yellowtail or salmon, there may be various cases such as fillet, teriyaki, and pickled kasuzuke.
In the case of one tail with a tail, it is piled up so that the head is on the left. This has the advantage that it is easier to eat in Japan, where the idea of "upper left, superior left" and holding chopsticks on the right is the basis.

In addition, the direction of the back is opposite between the sea fish and the river fish.

There is also the word "Umihara Kawase", and the fish in the river are arranged so that the back comes to the front. According to one theory, sea fish have fat on their bellies, and river fish have fat on their backs. However, at stores that dislike this because they turn their backs on the guests, they may be served in the same way as sea fish, or they may be baked beautifully as if they were swimming.

As an aside, I would like to think about how the flatfish, which is a representative of fish that is difficult to serve because it is a good idea to come this far, will serve.

When the flatfish brings its head to the left, it turns its back to the customer.

Depending on the store, the head may be placed on the right with the exception of the flatfish, which is "left flatfish and right flatfish". However, the right head dislikes this if it is not auspicious.

Then what should I do? Turn the flatfish over and turn the white skin up.

If you do this, it will be served on your left head so that your belly is on the bottom, so it may fit nicely.

In the case of fillets, it is usual to place the body on the front side and the skin on the side so that it is easy to pick up with chopsticks, and the dorsal side on the left and the ventral side on the right. When you finish eating, if you have one fish with a tail, place only the head, spine and tail in the center of the vessel, collect small bones etc. at the right end of the vessel, and it is the most important manner to eat fish beautifully and beautifully. Is. When eating this fish with a tail, you will use not only chopsticks but also your left hand. To wipe your dirty hands, it's a good idea to have a pocket paper in advance, but usually a napkin is available, so it's enough. I want to be careful not to wipe it with a hand towel.

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