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Drinking alcohol is fun, tipsy is the best

" Keep off breathtaking shalt breathtaking salmon " That's why, sake is better to drink as much as possible fun.

This is the same for a single drink. You can enjoy drinking alcohol with fun and uplifting feelings without having to drink too much.
However, when you are depressed or sad, you may not get drunk for some reason, and when you notice it, you may fall into deep drinking. It's not a bad thing to get rid of some stress by drinking alcohol, but it's not recommended when it's completely down.

Alcohol addiction seems to occur in people who are constitutionally less likely to drink alcohol or who do not usually drink much. This is the result of trying to distract the completely down state with sake.

"Don't drink". That is why I want to stick to drinking sake happily.

I want to be careful about conversations, especially when there is a partner. I want to avoid politics and religion. This is because individual subjectivity may collide. Especially, if you have a quarrel when you meet for the first time, the liquor table will be ruined.

A bland topic is good to prevent this from happening. It's good to watch TV or movies recently, or talk about meals.

And when there is no topic, there is no need to force yourself to speak. It is also good to focus on the listener with a smile.

And, at such a time, I would like to introduce "My Gui Drink" while saying, "Actually, I brought this kind of thing today ...". The conversation becomes lively.

Also, it is important not to drink alcohol to the limit, and it is better to be a little unsatisfactory. The best is so-called "tips".

This is because it takes 30 to 60 minutes from alcohol intake to the arrival of alcohol in the brain. The alcohol you are drinking now comes out as sickness after 30 to 60 minutes.

As I often see, when I think I stood in the bathroom with a strange face, I sometimes never come back. When I was worried and went to see it, I had a deep blue face, and when I thought I was back, I was already drunk.

With this, it cannot be said that it is a completely enjoyable liquor store, where the people around you will be caring for you and you will be shy at once. If you can open it while you are tipsy, you can go home without exposing your abomination while having a good time. "Tips are the best" Drinking sake with moderation is "drinking".

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