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Recommendation of ”My Guinomi”

Traveling to various izakaya on a trip or business trip is a lot of fun.

Eat local dishes rooted in the region, enjoy dishes you've never seen before, and drink alcohol.

I wonder where to drink tomorrow. This is really good.

And "My Guinomi" is a really deep and stylish adult play that amplifies the fun over and over again.


I was always dissatisfied.

Many people who are particular about food and sake gather at the izakaya in the city.

"The □□ I ate at ◯◯ was wonderful." "△△ was better than ◯◯'s Junmai Ginjo." "After all, □□ is limited to ◯◯ products."

There are many people who preach to young people and are erudition.

But the "Guinomi" they have is really cheap, mass-produced, I don't know.

At BAR, there are many shops that are particular about "Baccarat," "Rob Meyer," "Bohemia," and even small coffee shops, such as "Wedgwood," "Meissen," and "Noritake."

However, on the other hand, for some reason, Japanese restaurants and izakaya rarely find Guinomi who is particular about it.

Not only that, no one cares about Guinomi, even among the ferocious men who are very particular about food and sake. They care about it at home but don't care about it when they go out.

Is this okay?

The word "vessel is a kimono for cooking" is true, so I think it's a waste.

I drink Sake, so I want to stick to Guinomi as much as whiskey, wine, tea, etc.


"Guinomi" is small and convenient to carry, so I definitely want to carry it around.


小島直喜 朝鮮唐津ぐい呑 中村六郎 窯変瓢徳利
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