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Finally, "sashimi" called "mukoutsu" or "wansashi" has arrived.

This is the best appetizer for sake. For the cook, it is the most important task to serve this along with the "bowl" to the customer, so the chef who is in charge of the itamae, usually called the chef, is in charge of this. ..

The etymology of "sashimi" is said to have come from the fact that the cook stabbed the fins of the fish into the sashimi because the guest did not know what kind of fish sashimi was in the state of the fillet. It is said that he used to write "difference".

Also, the gourmet "Kitaoji Rosanjin" said that "sashimi" must be cut like a sashimi, as the name suggests, and that delicious sashimi cannot be made by pulling a knife. Personally, other than cutting it into blocks, if I push it all the way out, it will collapse. I am worried.

By the way, sashimi is basically served in odd numbers, but did you notice? There are no even numbers of 3-point assortment, 5-point assortment, and so on. This is because "odd numbers are not divisible" and are considered to be auspicious numbers. It's an interesting rule.

The way to eat "sashimi" is from the front. And I want to attach chopsticks from light white meat.

Sashimi comes with wasabi, soy sauce, and tsuma, but you should be careful about how to use wasabi as well as things. This act of dissolving wasabi in soy sauce is not beautiful, and the scent of wasabi is also lost, which is not preferable. I want to eat wasabi by putting it directly on the sashimi and adding soy sauce. At this time, be careful not to let the soy sauce drip.

I often see the left hand as a saucer, but it's not good. Of course, it is vulgar to lower your face and bring your mouth towards the sashimi.

If you are worried, it is better to lift the soy sauce dish for a cleaner action.

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