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Bizen ware Super Sarablet Kaneshige Junpei, who has a living national treasure, Kaneshige Toyo, who is said to be the ancestor of Bizen ware Chuko, as his grandfather, and Kosuke Kaneshige, an intangible cultural property of Okayama Prefecture, as his father. It has a very dignified appearance and is of good quality. It is a wonderful gem that seems to be Kinju who sticks to the soil and lives with the soil.

The flowing sesame seeds create a spectacular view of the sake bottle, which emphasizes the traditional potter's wheel of the Kinshige family.

It is a good sake bottle that you will never get tired of.

Size: W94: D94: H 145mm

Co-box: Self-fabric: With a background bookmark

Junpei Kinshige Bizen Tokkuri J-007

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