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This is the "Tokue Grandma's purse" that the owner himself loves as a purse for my drink.

Bizen ware hometown,
In the town of Inbe, Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture, Grandma Tokue carefully handcrafts each one.

It is a gem made by hand-sewn all the needles one by one without using a sewing machine.

Let's put your favorite drink in a purse and go out together.

Size: Height 120-130mm Bottom 60-70mm

* Since it is a drawstring purse handmade by Grandma Tokue, there is an error in the size.

* Specifications such as strings and lining may change depending on your mood. Also, you cannot choose.

Please note the above.

Grandma Tokue's purse Hemp leaf [red]

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