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Bizen / BIZEN

Junpei Kaneshige



Born in Tokyo in 1972 as the eldest son of Kosuke Kinshige

1994 Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Literature

2000 Completed Long Island University Graduate School of Sculpture

2010 Selected for "Tea Ceremony Modeling Exhibition" at Tanabe Museum of Art (2011)

2011 Selected for the Japan Traditional Crafts Association China Branch Exhibition (2012)

2016 Taiwan Three Cities Traveling Exhibition


Solo exhibition

Tenmaya stores, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi main store, Osaka Namba Takashimaya, Matsuzakaya Nagoya main store, Ginza Kuroda Pottery Garden, Taiwan Haruna Gallery, etc.

Bizen ware Spasara Bread has a living national treasure, Kaneshige Toyo, who is said to be the ancestor of Bizen ware Chuko, as his grandfather, and Kosuke Kaneshige, an intangible cultural property of Okayama Prefecture, as his father.

Ichimon Kanashige is a young writer with high expectations.

A number of works that have an overwhelming presence while having a simple and elegant style are a stone's throw.

Junpei Kanashige's work

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