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Celadon / SEIJI

Akihiko Watanabe



Born in Hirashimizu, Yamagata City, a pottery village that has been around since the Edo period in 1959.

After training as a disciple in 1983, the "Raijin Kiln" was opened in Hirashimizu.

1993 Semi-ground type hole kiln construction kiln

1994 Visit to Zhejiang Province, China, Southern Song Dynasty Kiln, Longquan Celadon, and other kilns

2000 NHK pottery exploration appearance

Regular member of Japan Kogei Association Many selections such as Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition, Japanese Traditional Crafts New Works Exhibition

2006 Solo exhibition in Chicago, USA

2008 On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of independence, a semi-ground type hole kiln was built in the Tanna Basin in Izu.

Solo exhibition at Shibuya Kuroda Toen since 1988

The only one in the Japanese ceramic art world to bake celadon in a wood-fired kiln.

It is popular for its delicate style that contrasts with the dynamicness of human being Akihiko Watanabe.

The deep coloring, kiln change, and penetration unique to a wood-fired kiln are attractive.

Akihiko Watanabe's work

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