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Otaru Kiriko / OTARU KIRIKO

Fukagawa Glass



Founded in 1897 by Sei Ida in Honmura-cho, Fukagawa-ku, Tokyo.

Established the second factory in Higashi-Ogibashi, Fukagawa-ku, Tokyo in 1918. Both factories were destroyed by fire in the Great Kanto Earthquake.

In 1945, it was reorganized into Ida Bottle Works Co., Ltd., and Ida Sei was appointed as president.

1938 Introduced a fully automatic bottle making machine. Introduced Siemens melting furnace.

1945 The factory disappeared due to the war damage.

1946 Data tank furnace was built and work resumed.

Established as Ida Glass Co., Ltd. in 1954, and started manufacturing mainly table glass and high-grade cut glass.

1966 Awarded the Honorary Governor's Award at the 1st SME Association General Union Awards Competition

1974 Received the Order of the Sacred Treasure

1979 Built a glass melting furnace using city gas as fuel.

2003 Shinichiro Deguchi establishes Fukagawa Glass Crafts Co., Ltd. in Otaru, Hokkaido. Mainly produces glass products for crafts.

2006 Renamed Ida Glass Co., Ltd. to Glass Station Ya.

Selected as one of the "300 Energetic SMEs that Support Tomorrow's Japan" in 2008. Awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

2012 Developed Edo Kiriko glass and coffee cup that are resistant to heat. "Traditional Craft Challenge Award" Excellence Award.

2016 Joint research contract with Muroran Institute of Technology "Development of new rare earth glass to Otaru Kiriko".

Tamae Numata, a Kiriko craftsman , studied under Hideaki Shinozaki, a traditional craftsman of Edo Kiriko.

Although she is a pretty woman, her cutting technique is one of the best in Japan.

The beautiful glass and innovative cuts produced by the strongest tags of the blown glass craftsman Masayoshi Hinomori and the Kiriko craftsman Numata Tamae are fresh.

The unique fire polish creates a really soft finish. It is a superb gem.

Fukagawa Glass Crafts Works

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