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Bizen ware / BIZEN

Manabu Suehiro



Born in Osaka in 1966

1984 Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Izumiotsu High School

Entered Bizen Ceramics Center

Studied under Togaku Mori in 1985

Participate in the cold wind kiln

1993 Independence

Semi-underground type hole kiln completed (total length 20 meters)

First kiln in 1994 (fired on May 20)

1995 Held the first solo exhibition at "Koubou Ima" in Higashi-Ginza, Tokyo

1996 Bizen Ceramics / Cold Wind Three-person Exhibition Held at Tokyo Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store

Held a solo exhibition at Tokyo Aoyama Green Gallery

1997 Held a solo exhibition at Tokyo Shibuya Kuroda Toen

1998 Held a solo exhibition at Okayama Tenmaya Main Store

2001 Held a solo exhibition at Tokyo Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store

Participated in the new cold wind kiln in 2015

Solo exhibition

Tokyo Crafts Now Aoyama Green Gallery Shibuya Kuroda Toen

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Isetan Shinjuku Store Gallery Sei

Ginza Mugen-an Utsuwa and Ryoichiishi

Osaka Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Gallery Spring Autumn

Others Gifu Bunkindo Yonago Tenmaya Fukuyama Tenmaya etc.

A glimpse of the person's personality can be seen in what humans make.

At first glance it is quiet but versatile. Delicate boldness. Conflicting things live together.

Bizen ware, which shows such various expressions, is so attractive that you can feel its possibilities endlessly.

It is an extremely gem created from Mr. Manabu Suehiro's precise calculations and bold challenges.


Suehiro Manabu Works

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