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Iga / IGA

Manabu Atarashi



Born in Osaka in 1973
1995 Graduated from Kansai University Faculty of Letters
1999 Studied under his father, Shinjoji, and made pottery in Iga Ueno.
2002 First solo exhibition of hole kiln construction kiln
2008 The second hole kiln construction kiln

2010 New kiln construction kiln
2013 Winner of the 6th Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition

Few writers are so addicted to the word "unbreakable beauty". One of the leaders of the next generation of Iga with bold cuts and modeling.

Especially, it is highly evaluated in tea pottery.

This is what happens when you put the beauty of tea pottery into a sake set.

I want you to feel the many works that can be said to be New Iga.

Manabu Atarashi works

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