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Seto / SETO

Teppei Terada



Born in Akazu, Seto City in 1975

1998 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University Sculpture Department

1998-99 University of Oregon AEI Study Abroad

Participated in the Yasuo Terada kiln construction kiln project in Canada in the summer of 1998-00

1999 Joined Miyama Pottery

1999-Chukyo University Yasuo Terada Participated in Seitoyoji Koyoen Project

2000 Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition Selected

2000-'01 Nagoya Institute of Technology Lecturer

2002 Toki City Humor Ceramics Exhibition Selected

2003 Group Exhibition "Ie Shrine" (Honda Residence, Toyota City)

2005 Group Exhibition "Hiijiritsuchinaburi" (Kanagawa KSP)

2005 Aichi Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan "Forest Nature School" work installation

2006 Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition Selected

2006 UNESCO "The Blue of Samarkand" Ceramics Symposium Invited


2007 Four-person exhibition with Ryoji Ota, Masafumi Onishi, and Masato Yamaguchi

(Sapporo Marui Imai Arts and Crafts Gallery)

2009 Gyeonggi-do World Ceramic Biennale (Korea) Selected

2011 Contemporary Craft Art Fair (Tokyo International Forum)

2011 9th International Ceramics Exhibition Mino Selected (Tajimi City)

2011 13th Tokyo-New York Sister City Exchange Ceramic Art Contest Honorable Mention (New York)

2011 "Four Ceramics Exhibition that Connects Traditions" (Maruzen Nagoya Sakae Store)

2012-'16 Solo Exhibition (Ginza Kuroda Toen)
2013/16 Selected for the 1st and 2nd Fujishiro Triennale (Seto City)

Many other solo exhibitions nationwide ...

It has a good reputation for its orientation reminiscent of the style of Kiln Oribe and Momoyama, which are aimed at with a wood-fired kiln.

He is also energetically taking on new challenges such as Seto Shiro and Ruri Oribe.

The manga "Hyougemono" (Yoshihiro Yamada, Kodansha) has been selected as a spin-off and fierce potter group "Hyouge Tensaku", and is now solidifying its position as a representative potter of the generation in terms of popularity and ability.

Works by Teppei Terada

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