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Seto / SETO

Masato Yamaguchi / Makoto Yamaguchi



Born in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture in 1978

Trained at a pottery factory in 2000

2004 Independent in Seto, Aichi Prefecture

Tour East Asia and Europe

Selected for the 2007 Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition

Selected for the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition

Selected for Aichi Bunren Art Exhibition

Selected for Seto City Art Exhibition

2008 Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition Selected

Seto City Art Exhibition Mayor's Award

Selected for the 2009 Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition

Since then, solo and group exhibitions will be held all over the country.

Became a star at once with the announcement of the original Rinpa Oribe

These days, Kiseto and Shino are highly regarded writers.

Masato Yamaguchi's work

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