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Recommendation of my swallowing


Drink a glass of sake at an izakaya.

At such times, I check with the shop owner.

"I bring something like this. Can I use it?"

I take the "GUINOMI" wrapped in a towel out of my pocket.

◆◆ Latest information ◆◆

YouTube channel open!

  • YouTube

We have opened a YouTube channel dedicated to the recommendation of My Gui Drink.

Currently, it is called the "Online Gui Drinking Summit" and the state of the drinking party using Zoom is broadcast live.
We invite various guests such as active potters, pottery shops, and guinea fans.

I do not know what going to become a post-deployment now, but support thank you. Please subscribe to the channel.


The recommendation of My Guinomi has been converted into an e-book

From Amazon

The Kindle version of "Recommendations for My Gui Drink" has been released.

The list price is 100 yen. If you are a Prime member, you can read it for free.

It has been converted into an electronic book and is a revised version of the Web.

Please subscribe.

Click to open the Amazon page


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